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Objectives of Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)

Export promotion has been defined as “those public policy measures which actually or potentially enhance exporting activity at the company, industry, or national level”. To increase the foreign currency the development of export is must. The foreign trade contributes a lot in the economic development of the country. To increase and develop the export of the country the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) plays very important role.

The EPB has performed several performances in exporting products to abroad regarding different objectives. The EPB has been established for implementing the following objectives-

  1. Formulating proper planning and determining policy with a view to developing the export of the country and help them get implemented.
  2. Giving recommendations to the Govt. in case of formulation and determination of export policies and helping in their implementation.
  3. Analyzing the prospects of exportable goods in the country, creating and finding market for the product in the foreign countries.
  4. Arranging various types of International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in developing countries like, Laos, Bangladesh and abroad for the promotion of the local exportable products.
  5. Establishing supporting Institutions for the export development both in the country and abroad.
  6. Launching wide promotional and circulating activities of the products in the foreign markets.
  7. Helping other institutions for the exporting development of developing countries like, Laos, Bangladesh.