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Objectives of Consumers’ Cooperative Society

Whenever the consumers of a particular area collectively establish a cooperative society with a view to purchasing daily necessary commodities at the optimum price this cooperative society is called Consumers’ Cooperative Society. A consumer cooperative is a cooperative business owned by its customers for their mutual benefit. It is a form of free enterprise that is oriented toward service rather than pecuniary profit.

Consumers’ Cooperative societies have specific objectives also by which it runs to implement these objectives in the society. These objectives are as follows-

To supply goods at low prices: The main objective of consumers’ cooperative society is to provide the goods at the low or optimal prices to the members. Few people have organized it due to enjoying this low price commodity among them.

To eliminate middlemen: Poor people can afford to low rate of products and expect free from the exploitation of the middlemen by the elimination of middleman from purchasing products and taking services.

To facilitate more purchase: If the price is optimum level or low, a consumer can purchase goods than the expected demand. Each consumer feels relax to consume sufficient product as well.

To increasing purchasing power of members: Increase purchasing power of members is one of the important objectives of the consumers’ cooperative society. Members can purchase more at a lower price, on the other hand, get dividend at the end of the year.

To control business effectively: Operators are appointed among the members of the cooperative society. That’s why they perform with great efficiency as they assume their own organization. It is enough to be a success of the business.

To develop a standard of living: Each member can live peacefully as well as a solvent with cooperative care. Consumers’ cooperative society tries to develop a standard of living by providing necessary goods and services to the members at a low price.

To supply of desired goods: Consumers’ cooperative society always tries to provide desired goods to the members. It is the main task to supply the products at low price. It is to also careful to supply standard products.

To solve unemployment problem: Consumers’ cooperative society is strongly contributing to solving the unemployment problem. Various sectors are appointing manpower in this organization as well.

Consumers’ cooperative society has huge objectives to solve the social problems. These objectives are related to the local people of the country. Gradually they expand their business to contribute in various sectors.