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Non-attested Services provided by CA firms

Non-attested services occur when a practitioner does not engage to issue or does issue a report as a subject matter of an assertion about subject matter that is the responsibility of another party. Non-attest services are services provided to a client that is not specifically related to the performance of an attest engagement. The main non-attested services are Accounting, Tax, and Consulting.

Accounting: A CPA firm may be engaged by a client to perform a variety of accounting services. These services include doing manual or accumulated bookkeeping, Journaling and posting adjusting entries and preparing financial statements.

Tax: individuals and enterprises are required to be filed and pay a variety of taxes. Most CPA firms have tax specialist and may have superlative tax departments. Tax services include assistance in filing tax returns, tax planning, estate planning, and representation of clients before governmental agencies in tax matters.

Consulting: In performing consulting services, practitioners utilize their technical skills, education, observations, and experiences to provide advice and technical assistance to clients. These services helplines to improve the use of their capability and resources in achieving their objectives.