QS Study

The technical analysis of a project idea includes designing the various processes, installing equipment, specifying material, and prototype testing. Technical aspects related to the production or generation of the project output in the form of goods and services from the project’s inputs. The project manager has to select the technology required in consultation with technical experts and consultants.

It is proposed that appropriate technologies are those technologies which are appropriate for the promotion and maintenance of sustainable culture. Following are the factors that should consider in choosing technology.

Following are the factors that should consider in choosing a technology:

1) Plant capacity,

2) Principal input

3) Investment outlay,

4) Use by another unit,

5) Product mix,

6) Latest development,

7) Ease of absorption.

Choosing and acquiring technology can be a major undertaking for an election management body (EMB). Before committing to a large technology purchase, an EMB may find it most effective to adopt a structured approach to selecting and purchasing technology.