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Mechanical or electronic ways / media of oral communication

Oral communication can occur in various ways. The possible ways can be grouped into two types basing on their nature:

  • Non-mechanical or non-electronic ways / media of oral communication, and
  • Mechanical or electronic ways / media of oral communication

Here briefly describe on Mechanical or electronic ways / media of oral communication.

Mechanical or electronic ways / media of oral communication: In oral communication, a wide variety of machines or technologies are used to exchange information, ideas, feelings, and views between sender and receiver. The widely used mechanical media of oral communication are the followings:

Telephone: Telephone is the oldest and widely used mechanical medium of or communication. Now a day, without telephone, we cannot think of conducting business affairs. In the past, businesses relied on fixed line telephone. However, in modern time, cell phones are more commonly used.

Radio: Radio is also used as the medium of oral communication. Radio transmits important news for the mass people who are scattered in a vast geographical area. It is a medium of one-way communication. Business enterprises use radio for advertisement or for serving important business notices.

Television: Television also transmits oral message to mass people. Though it series as like as radio, but it conveys message visually. Therefore, it has become a more effective method of oral communication in business and in social life.

Videoconference: Video conferencing is the exchange of message between individuals or groups of people who are geographically dispersed. Multinational companies rely on videoconference to communicate globally. In videoconference, the participants not only hear but also see each other. It is a very expensive medium of oral communication.