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Meaning of Order Execution Letter

The letter, through which the seller informs the customer that the ordered goods have been delivered, is called order execution letter. Once seller receives order from customer, he can accept or reject it. Whether the order is accepted or rejected, the seller must inform it to the customer. When the seller accepts the order and delivers the ordered items, he writes the order execution letter. The purpose of writing this letter is to inform the customer about the date of delivery, mode of transportation used, the probable date at which customer will get the shipment, and the total price. The invoice is usually enclosed with this letter.

Contents of Order Execution Letter

Generally, an order execution letter contains the following points:

  • Reference number of order letter with date;
  • Name, brands and quality of products;
  • Quantity of products;
  • Date of delivery of goods;
  • Expected date of reaching goods to the buyer’s address;
  • Nature of packing of goods;
  • Transportation used for delivering goods;
  • Total price of the products; and
  • Expected date and mode of payment.