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Meaning of Order Confirmation Letter

The letter written by the seller accepting the buyer’s order is known as order confirmation letter. It is also called letter of acceptance of the order. Usually, the seller delivers goods immediately after receiving order letter from the customer. However, in some cases, delivery of goods may be delayed due to non-production of goods, strike, political unrest, transportation blockade etc. In these situations, the seller writes order confirmation letter to the buyer describing the cause of delay and the anticipated date of delivery. This letter is typically written as a sign of business courtesy and to assure the buyer that he will get delivery of his desired goods.

Contents of Order Confirmation letter

Generally, an order confirmation letter contains the following points:

  • Acknowledgment of the buyer’s order letter,
  • The date of order letter with reference number,
  • Thanking the customers for placing the order,
  • Informing the customer that the order is accepted,
  • Assuring the customer that goods will be delivered as per the instruction of the customer.