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Meaning of Inquiry Letter

The letters that are written for collecting information about job seekers, prices, products, and services before awarding jobs, granting credit, making contracts, and giving promotions are known as letters of inquiry. These letters are written to a third party seeking information about either a job applicant who seeks job or a company that whishes to make business relationship.

Quible, and others defined, “Letters of inquiry are a type of business message that asks the recipient for information or assistance.”

Prospective employers and business organizations usually write inquiry letters for obtaining desired information. Prospective employers write this letter to the referees mentioned in the job application to obtain information about the applicant’s personal and family background, ability, skill, honesty, character, integrity, quality of performance, fitness for job etc. On the other band, business enterprises write inquiry letters to third parties referred by the customers to know about their business dealings, financial capabilities, and goodwill to determine whether to establish business relationships with those enterprises.