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Meaning of Complaint Letter

In a simple way, the letter written by the customers to convey their complaints to the seller of goods or to the transport authority is termed as complaint letter. In the process of supplying ordered goods to the customers, different persons and parties are involved. Therefore, there is every possibility of inadvertent mistakes being committed by someone. This may create inconvenience to the customers and even cause them financial loss. Therefore, the customers write letter to inform their inconveniences to the seller or to the transport authority. The letter written for this purpose is known complaint letter.

In business, occurrence of mistakes is common and natural even though the parties are cautious and careful. Some of the customary mistakes are supplying low quality products, charging high prices, low quality packaging, damage of products due to poor packaging etc. So complaint letter is drafted by the buyer mentioning the mistakes occurred or claiming for the damage to the seller or to the transportation authority.