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A life insurance policy was introduced as a protection against the uncertainty of life. But gradually its scope has widened and there are various types of insurance policies available to suit the requirements of an individual. For example, disability insurance, health/medical insurance, annuity insurance arid life insurance proper.

Life insurance may be defined as a contract in which the insurer in consideration of a certain premium, either in a lump sum or by other periodical payments, agrees to pay to the assured, or to the person for whose benefit the policy is taken, the assured sum of money, on the happening of a specified event contingent on the human life or at the expiry of certain period. Thus, the insurance company undertakes to insure the life of a person in exchange for a sum of money called premium. This premium may be paid, in one lump sum, or periodically i.e., monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. At the same time, the company promises to pay a certain sum of money either on the death of the person or on his attaining a certain age (i.e.. the expiry of certain period). Thus, the person is sure that a specified amount will be given to him when he attains a certain age or that his dependents will get that sum in the event of his death.