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Kinds of Circular Letter

Circular letter is one of the oldest types letter. This kind of letter originated in ancient time when people felt the necessity of circulating any message to a large number of people at a time in the same way. Circular letters are prepared for circulating business and non-business messages. Thus, it seems that circular letters can be of the following two types:

Trade circular letter: When a circular letter is prepared and distributed for circulating any business related message, it is known as trade circular letter. Its main objective is to circulate business information like, launching new business, opening new branch or showroom, changing address of business, introducing new product, inclusion, retirement or death of partners etc.

Non-trade circular letter: The circular letter that is prepared and distributed for circulating personal a social information is known as non-trade circular letter. The examples of non-trade issues are preaching the political ideology by a political organization, circulating personal opinion on any matter by an individual etc.