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The Internet is a rapidly growing network of millions of business education and research and network connecting hundreds of millions of computers and they are users in over two hundred countries. It is a network of global exchanges – including private, public, business, academic and government networks – connected by guided, wireless and fiber-optic technologies.

Popular uses: People communicate over the Internet in a number of other ways including Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Internet telephony, instant messaging, video chat or social media. The popular uses are as follows –

  1. Surf: Internet includes many hyperlinks websites and resources for multimedia. information or e-commerce.
  2. E-mail: Through the help of the internet anybody can exchange electronic message will colleague’s friends and other internet users.
  3. Discuss: Through the internet, anybody can participate in discussion forums or hold real-time test conversation in websites chat rooms.
  4. Publish: Through the help of, internet anybody can post their opinions, subjects matter or creative work to a website for others to read.
  5. Buy and sale: Through the help of the internet anybody can buy and sell anything practically via e-commerce.
  6. Download: Anybody can transfer data file,” software, report, articles, pictures, music, videos, and other types of file to their computer system.
  7. Compute: Login to and use thousand of internet computer system around the world.
  8. Other Uses: Phone calls, videos conversance, listen to a radio program, watch TV, play a video game, explore virtual world etc.
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