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Training and development program helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles.

Importance of training and development: In the following points importance of training and development of industrial employees may be explained –

Development of illiterate mass: For the development of production, the skill of a large number of an illiterate mass of Bangladesh, training, and development can play a very important role.

Migration to foreign countries: Before immigration of skilled employees, only training and development programs should extensively be undertaken so that they can compete with other employees.

Domestic employment: For creating significant employment opportunities in Bangladesh, people must earn skilled and efficiency, which is possible through need-based organization program.

Proper use of resources: Main problems of Bangladesh is not only the lack of resources rather a failure to use the resources properly. Development-oriented training can make it possible.

Skill and efficiency development: Skills and efficiency are two preconditions for development. Proper education, training, and development can help increase skills and efficiency of workers.

Utilization of modem technology: Modern technology increases the competitive ability of the organization and high-quality goods and services. Trained employees can properly utilize such technology.

Preparation for new change: Modern business and industrial world is ever changing. Only training and development programs can help us prepare for new change.

Knowledge of latest methods of production and services: Expert trainers can inject latest methods of work and problem-solving qualities among the employees.

Ensuring cooperation: Development demands the cooperation of all sections of people. Extensive training and development programs can encourage people to come under cooperation practice.

Overall development of the country: To ensure overall development of all sectors of the economy training can play a significant role.