Importance of graphical representation of data

Graphical representation of reports has various advantages which follow:

  •  Acceptability:

Such report is acceptable to the busy persons because it easily highlights the theme of the report. This helps to avoid wastage of film.

  • Comparative Analysis:

Information can be compared interns of graphic representation. Such comparative analysis helps for quick understand and attention.

  • Less cost:

Information if descriptive involves huge time to present properly. It involves more mono to print the information but graphical presentation can be made in short but catchy view to make the report followable. It obviously involves less cost.

  • Decision Making:

Business executives can view the graphs at a glance and can make-decision very quickly which is hardly possible through the descriptive report.

  • Logical Ideas:

If tables, design, and graphs are used to represent information then a logical sequence is created to clear the idea of the audience.

  • Helpful for less literate Audience:

Less literate or illiterate people can understand graphical representation easily because it does not involve going through line by line of any descriptive report.

  • Less Effort and Time:

To present any table, design, image or graphs require less effort and time. Furthermore, such presentation makes quick understanding of the information.

  • Less Error and Mistakes:

Qualitative or informative or descriptive reports involve errors or mistakes. As graphical representations are exhibited through numerical figures, tables or graphs, it usually involves less error and mistake.

  • A complete Idea:

Such representation creates clear and complete idea in the mind of the audience. Reading a hundred pages may not give any scope to make a decision. But an instant view or looking at a glance obviously makes an impression in the mind of the audience regarding the topic or subject.

  • Use on the Notice Board:

Such representation can be hanged on the notice board to quickly raise the attention of employees in any organization.

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