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Hard-core Unemployed

Term “hard-core unemployed” is often equated with the term “ethnic minority,” thus implying that all hard-core unemployed are members of ethnic minority groups. Unemployment among people who have been without work for a long time and who are the least likely to want or find jobs. There are also those who are classified as hard-core because of limited mental or motor ability.

 The challenge of providing jobs: persons who have the characteristics outlined above are almost certainly prohibited from qualifying for meaningful employment, because they do not meet traditional hiring criteria which have been established by business and they have no skills to offer employers.

Recruiting: For many people the search for a job is not difficult. They know how to locate Job opportunities; they know to go to the company employment office to apply; they know how to fill out forms; and they expect to be hired if no one else is better qualified.

Hiring practices: Locating hard unemployed who want to work and convincing them that jobs are really available to than is only the first step.

Training: What are the responsibilities of business to train the hard-core unemployed? Should business-conducted training programs go beyond the usual to-house orientation and on-the-job training?