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Government Board Managed Organization: Forms of State Enterprise

If the state gets the ownership on continual at any business directly or indirectly incest it that business is called as the state enterprise. The business controlled or operated by the government is known as a state enterprise.

The organization which is formed and operated by the law passed in parliament and under an ordinance of the president and assigned in doing government fixed activities is called government board managed the organization. Like a statutory corporation, it cannot work beyond the act and ordinance. So in terms of formation and controlling there is less difference between the statutory corporation and government board managed the organization. But there is the difference in terms of objectives. An objective of the statutory corporation is commercial but the objective of board managed organization is developing.

Features of Government Board Managed Organization: The features of government board managed organization are as follows:

Formation: The formation, operations and controlled of government board managed the organization is by the special law passed by parliament or presidential ordinance.

Objective: The organization is the formation for accomplishing specific objectives.

Country development: Government board managed the organization is formed for country development, not for commercial purposes.

These are the classification found in state enterprise classification arise because of the differences information, objective and operating systems.