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Fundamental roles of Management Information System

The function of manufacturing information systems is to maintain manufacturing operations by providing pertinent and appropriate information for decision making at different levels of the company hierarchy. Manufacturing information systems are among the most difficult both to develop and to implement.

Manager and business firms invest in information technology and system because they provide real economic value to the business. Following are three vital roles that information system can perform a business enterprise.

  1. To support business process: Information system supports the business process and operations at many retail stores. For example, Most retain stores now used computer-based information system. To help their employees, record customer purchase, pay employees, evaluates sales trends etc.
  2. To support decision making: Information system also help is to managers and other business professional make a better decision. For example, a decision on what lines of a mercantile meet to be added or discounted or on what kind of investment they required are typically made alter an analysis provided by a computer-based information system.
  3. To support competitive advantage: Innovative application of information technology helps a business to gain strategic advantage over the competitor. A strategic information system can help provide product and services that a business a competitive advantage over its competitors.