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Functions of the Port Authority

Port Authority is the body within general accountability for a port. It is a government commission that manages bridges, tunnels, airports, and other such services of a port or city. Most port authorities are financially self-supporting. In addition to owning land, setting fees, and sometimes levying taxes, port districts can also operate shipping terminals, airports, railroads, and irrigation facilities.

The port Authority performs the following functions,

  • Creating and developing the base structure and infrastructure of the port for better export and import.
  • Making proper arrangement for the passengers.
  • Providing better facilities for the vehicles to enter for load/ and load exiting.
  • Providing storage facilities for the products before loading and after unloading.
  • Maintaining safety and security of the vehicles.
  • Directing the port according to the Govt. law.
  • Basic port infrastructure is immobile and has few alternative uses.
  • Collection of charges and fees for the use of the port’s facilities and commercial services.