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Functions of Company secretary as liaison officer and Administrator:

Company secretary is regarded as a liaison officer. Company secretary is mainly responsible for looking after the secretarial works. He generally maintains liaison with the board of directors, employees, shareholders, and other outside parties. Now a day, company secretary is one of the most important persons who perform some specified duties in the company form of business. As a liaison officer, company secretary performs the following functions:

  • Maintaining liaison between board of directors and employees of the company;
  • Maintaining linkage with shareholders and creditors of the company;
  • Circulating various orders, instructions, policies, and procedures to the concerned parries;
  • Informing demands, grievances, suggestions, recommendations, and problems of the lover-level employees to the higher authority of the company; etc.

Functions as an administrator and executive

Company secretary also performs the following administrative functions:

  • Assisting the board in formulating administrative and managerial policies;
  • Providing legal advice to the managers;
  • Ensuring proper use of company seal;
  • Ensuring proper distribution of functions among the employees;
  • Assisting the directors in entering into agreement with third parties;
  • Arranging necessary essentials for carrying out routine office works; etc.