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Features of Ultimatum Letter or Final Letter of Dunning Letter Series

Dunning letters are written in a series. The series starts with sending a statement of account. After that, minders letters are sent. If reminder letters do not work, credit department sends an inquiry and discussion letter. If this letter also fails to produce satisfactory result the seller then sends an appeal and urgency letter. If the customer still ignores the seller’s request, then the final letter of the series is drafted indicating that necessary legal action will be taken against the customer. The final letter of the series contains some distinct features. These are as follows:

  • Mentioning the reference of previous letters.
  • The opening section of the ultimatum letter is brief because the customer is well aware of the situation.
  • The language of this letter is not discourteous but makes less use of courteous words.
  • The seller expresses relatively straightforward opinion.
  • In this letter, the seller clearly shows his dissatisfaction regarding non-payment of dues by the customers.
  • Since this is the last letter, it gives an ultimatum for payment of overdue hills.
  • Through this letter, the seller indicates threat of legal action if the customer does not pay within the date.
  • In this letter, the seller offers any discussion with the customer only after the full payment of his account.
  • Although this letter indicates threat of legal action, it expresses regret for this.