Features of Statutory Corporations

Features of Statutory Corporations

Statutory corporations have certain distinct features, which are discussed as below:

(i) Statutory corporations are set up under an Act of Parliament and are governed by the provisions of the Act. The Act defines the objects, powers and privileges of a statutory corporation;

(ii) This type of organization is wholly owned by the state. The government has the ultimate financial responsibility and has the power to appropriate its profits. At the same time, the state also has to bear the losses, if any;

(iii) A statutory corporation is a body corporate and can sue and be sued, enter into contract and acquire property in its own name;

(iv) This type of enterprise is usually independently financed. It obtains funds by borrowings from the government or from the public through revenues, derived from sale of goods and services. It has the authority to use its revenues;

(v) A statutory corporation is not subject to the same accounting and audit procedures applicable to government departments. It is also not concerned with the central budget of the Government;

(vi) The employees of these enterprises are not government or civil servants and are not governed by government rules and regulations. The conditions of service of the employees are governed by the provisions of the Act itself.

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