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External Sources for Job Recruitment

External Sources of Recruitment mean hiring people from outside the organization. A company has to tap external sources for various positions because all the vacancies cannot be filled through internal recruitment. The existing staff may be insufficient or they may not fulfil the eligibility criteria of the jobs to be filled. It means seeking applicants from those who are external to the organization.

External recruitment provides a wide choice and brings new blood to the organization. The commonly used external sources of recruitment are discussed below:

  • Direct Recruitment: Under the direct recruitment, a notice is placed on the notice-board of the enterprise specifying the details of the jobs available. Job seekers assemble outside the premises of the organization on the specified date and selection is done on the spot.
  • Casual Callers: Many reputed business organizations keep a database of unsolicited applicants in their offices. Such job-seekers can be a valuable source of manpower.
  • Advertisement: Advertisement in newspapers or trade and professional journals is generally used when a wider choice is required. Most of the senior positions of the industry as well as commerce are filled by this method.
  • Employment Exchange: Employment exchanges run by the Government are regarded as a good source of recruitment for unskilled and skilled operative jobs. In some cases, compulsory notification of vacancies to employment exchange is required by law.
  • Placement Agencies and Management Consultants: In technical and professional areas, private agencies and professional bodies appear to be doing substantive work. Placement agencies provide a nationwide service in matching personnel demand and supply.
  • Recommendations of Employees: Applicants introduced by present employees, or their friends and relatives may prove to be a good source of recruitment. Such applicants are likely to be good employees because their background is sufficiently known.
  • Advertising on Television: The practice of telecasting of vacant posts over Television is gaining importance these days. The detailed requirements of the job and the qualities required to do it are publicized along with the profile of the organization where a vacancy exists.