Disadvantages or Limitations of Informal Communication

Disadvantages or Limitations of Informal Communication

In practice, informal communication enjoys many advantages or merits. Yet it cannot be said that it is free from any flaw or limitation. In the following, the major limitations of informal communication are discussed:

Distortion of the message: The most striking drawback of informal communication is that it transmits distorted information. Informal communication does not follow any set rule or formality. For this reason, people transmit distorted information through informal channels without any fear, hesitation or responsibility.

Creating misunderstanding: In many cases, informal communication creates conflicts and misunderstandings in the organization. Because, informal channels of communication transmit false, distorted and wrong information.

Lack of secrecy: Informal communication also suffers hoot secrecy problem. Since it follows no rule and revision, important mitten of the organization is likely to be disclosed through it.

Providing partial information: Since little attention is given at the time of exchanging information through the informal channel, only partial information reaches to the destination which gives no complete meaning.

Spreading rumors: Since informal communication is not any rule-bound, people try to use this channel to present the real fact colorfully or by mixing untrue matted. This turns the real fact into a rumor and spreads that rumor quickly.

Damaging discipline: By nature, informal patterns of communication are independent of the formal channel and do not follow the organization’s established chain of command. As a result, indiscipline may appear in the whole organizational activities.

Contradicting to formal information: In some cases, messages sent through the informal channel of communication may contradict or differ with that of formal information. This also creates conflict and misunderstanding among the people in the organization.

Form the above discussion we can draw the conclusion that since informal communication contains the above-stated limitations, it should be used with utmost care and caution.

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