Disadvantages of Horizontal Communication

Disadvantages of Horizontal Communication

Disadvantages of Horizontal Communication

Though horizontal communication is essential for smooth functioning of an organization, it is not completely free from defects or flaws. Followings are the possible drawbacks of horizontal communication:

Hostile / Rivaling attitude: Horizontal communication occurs between the people at the same rank and position. If there exists any hostility or rivalry between them, they will not exchange information spontaneously. Moreover, they will conceal their information intentionally to deprive someone from the real news.

Intradepartmental conflict: The success of horizontal communication depends on good relationship between sends and receiver. If there is any conflict, distrust or suspicion between them, horizontal communication will be ineffective.

Over specialization: If various departments of an organization are highly specialized, the people of individual department may think that they need not to communicate with other departments. This creates hindrance in the way of horizontal communication.

Discouraging attitude of top management: In some cases, top managers discourage horizontal communication thinking that workers may become friendly with one another and may create threat for the management.

Ignoring vertical communication: More concentration on horizontal communication may work as substitute of upward and domed communication. In that case, upward and downward communications are ignored.

At last, we can say that the above stated factors can diminish the utility of horizontal communication. So the person’s concentration should be well aware of those factors when they communicate horizontally.

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