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Difference between Training and Development

Training: It is the process by which people are taught critical skills. Participants gain knowledge to carry out their current responsibilities. Training usually refers to organized group events, such as workshops, classes or seminars that have a beginning and end date.

  • It is a process of increasing knowledge and skills.
  • It is to enable the employee to do the job better.
  • It is a job oriented process.
  • Aimed at a specific task or job role.
  • It is a learning process in which employees get an opportunity to develop skill, competency and knowledge as per the job requirement.

Development: It is an organized activity in which the manpower of the organisation learn and grow; it is a self-assessment act.

  • It is a process of learning and growth.
  • It is to enable the overall growth of the employee.
  • It is a carrer oriented process.
  • Aimed at developing relationships, often for the purposes of improving leadership skills
  • It is an educational process which is concerned with the overall growth of the employees.