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Staffing as part of Human Resource Management

The staffing function deals with the human element of management. Managing the human component of an organization is the most important task because the performance of an organization depends upon how well this function is performed. The success of an organization in achieving its goals is determined to a great extent on the competence, motivation and performance of its human resources. Staffing function does not end only with appointment of employees. It includes training, promotion, compensation etc. All these activities help in motivating the employees and boost up the morale of the employees.

Human Resource Management includes many specialized activities and duties which the human resource personnel must perform. These duties are:

  • Recruitment i.e., search for qualified people
  • Analyzing jobs, collecting information about jobs to prepare job descriptions.
  • Developing compensation and incentive plans.
  • Training and development of employees for efficient performance and career growth.
  • Maintaining labour relations and union management relations.
  • Providing for social security and welfare of employees.
  • Defending the company in law suits and avoiding legal complications.

This shows that Human Resources Management is a much broader concept and includes a wider gamut of activities.