QS Study

A partnership is a voluntary association of people who come together for achieving common objectives. In order to enter into the partnership, a clear agreement with respect to the terms, conditions and all aspects concerning the partners is essential so that there is no misunderstanding later among the partners. Such an agreement can be oral or written. Even though it is not essential to have a written agreement, it is advisable to have a written agreement as it constitutes an evidence of the conditions agreed upon. The written agreement which specifies the terms and conditions that govern the partnership is called the partnership deed.

The partnership deed generally includes the following aspects:

  • Name of firm
  • Nature of business and location of the business
  • Duration of business
  • The investment made by each partner
  • Distribution of profits and losses
  • Duties and obligations of the partners
  • Salaries and withdrawals of the partners
  • Terms governing admission, retirement and expulsion of a partner
  • Interest on capital and interest on drawings
  • Procedure for dissolution of the firm
  • Preparation of accounts and their auditing
  • Method of solving disputes