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Criticisms of Globalization

The results of globalization have not been without controversy. If fact globalization forces have, protested meeting of international organizations and conferences. Both peacefully and violently in the recent years as they press for legislation and other means to stop or slow the globalization process. Although the critics have presented many different issues we can place them into three broad categories critics of globalization claim:

Threats to National Sovereignty: Most of the people probably heard the slogan “Think globally but act locally”, which in essence, means that countries should do what is the best for them rather than what is the best for the world as a whole. Many people fear that the existence of international agreements, particularly those that lead to fewer restrictions on how goods are bought and sold will diminish countries, sovereignty are freedom from external control and curtail their ability to act in their own best interests.

Economic Growth: Many of the criticism against globalization hamper economic growth. The assumption is that globalization brings more production or growth, which, in turn, brings both immediate and long term negative consequences certainly; as economic growth takes place the world uses more nonrenewable natural resources. At the same time, increased production adds environmental pollution through toxic and pesticide runoffs into rivers and oceans the pollution, from factory and vehicle emissions and deforestation that can negatively affect the weather and climate.

Growing income Inequality: People look not only at absolute achievement or improvement but also at how well they do compared to other people, especially those in other countries. These improvements in global well being are of little solace to most people unless, they themselves are doing better and at least keeping up with others.

By various measurements there has been a growing income disparity both within and among countries. These, even if the overall global gains from globalization are positive, there are bound to be sonic losers in both an absolute and relative since.