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Contents of Directors’ Report

A directors’ report is attached to the annual report of a public limited company. Contents of such report are governed by the Companies Act. In Bangladesh, in addition to the Companies Act 1994, The Dhaka Stock Exchange Listing Regulations 1997 also govern the contents of directors’ report. According to the ‘Companies Act 1994′ and The Dhaka Stock Exchange Listing Regulations 1997′, we can identify the following contents of directors’ report:

  1. Addressing the shareholders;
  2. The objectives of the company in general;
  3. Statement of the company affairs;
  4. Principal activities of the company and trend of activities including the range of competition;
  5. Indication to future developments and any significant shift in policy;
  6. Allocation of profits in dividends, reserves and/or in any other form;
  7. Contribution to the national exchequer;
  8. Any big deal in the form of lease, loan or debenture;
  9. Information about election, re-election or retirement of directors;
  10. Employment policy, labor relations, and the total number of employees at the end of the year;
  11. Names of the Directors during the last Financial Year.