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Consumer Products in terms of Shopping Efforts Involved

A consumer product is any tangible product for sale that is used by a person or household for non-business purposes. On the basis of the time and effort buyers are willing to spend in the purchase of a product, we can classify the consumer product into the following three categories as here under:

  • Convenience Products: Those customer products, which are purchased often, instantly and with least time and efforts are referred to as convenience goods. Examples of such products are cigarettes, ice creams, medicines, newspaper, stationery items toothpaste, etc. These products have low unit-value and are bought in little qualities.
  • Shopping Products: Shopping products are those customer goods, in the buy of which buyers devote substantial time, to evaluate the quality, price, approach, aptness, etc., at several stores, before making ultimate purchase. Some of the examples of shopping products are clothes, shoes, jewellery, furniture, television, etc.
  • Specialty Products: Specialty products are those customer goods which have positive particular features because of which people make special efforts in their purchase. These products are such, which have reached a brand faithfulness of the highest order, with a important number of buyers. For example, if there is a extraordinary collection of artwork or of antiques, some people may be willing to spend a lot of shopping effort and travel long distance to buy such products.