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Collection of Certificate of Incorporation for Forming Joint Stock Company

A company is an artificial and fecal person. It is invented by law and is also dissolute by law. These companies are being got registration by the Companies Act, 1994. For the Companies of maximum countries have one registrar. He has given registration to those companies that are formulated and established by law and upon the law. He also gave Certificate of Incorporation on the basis of these. The formalities, in case Public Companies, are more as compare to other companies.

Collection of Certificate of Incorporation:

In the Company Act 1994 it is said that after submission of the registration form with required documents to the registrar, the registrar will check the form and if he satisfied then he reserves the information and after 30 days of submission of registration form, the registrar will registrar the company. If the registrar will not satisfied with the information then after the period the registrar will inform the initiators within 10 days.

According to Company Act 1994, section 24(1), after the registration of the memorandum of association, the registrar will provide the registration of the company.

After getting the registration the private limited Company can start its activities but the public limited company needs to collect the certificate of commencement after getting the registration from the registrar for starting the activities.

Collection of Certificate of Commencement: According to the Company Act 1994 the directors of the Joint Stock Company have to collect the certificate of commencement after registration of the company. The director of the company will apply to the registrar in the certified as provided by the registrar.

In the 150 (I) section of the Company Act 1994, it is said that that are some clauses that determine that the company will start the activates or take loan front the financial institutions. After getting the Certificate of Commencement Joint Stock Company starts its activities.