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Causes of Poor Feedback

Feedback is an essential component of communication process. Without feedback, none can ensure the effectiveness of communication. However, in some cases, proper feedback is hindered by some causes/factors. These causes/factors are as follows:

Reliance only on formal communication channel: Employees in the organization primarily communicate through formal channels following the organizational hierarchy. Communication through formal channel is essential to maintain order and discipline. However, excessive reliance on formal channels discourages feedback.

Sanctioned communication: When communication is formalized through rules, regulations and bindings, it is called sanctioned communication. Such rules and regulations restrict feedback. Because employees cannot communicate violating these rules. So sanctioned communication created by rigid rules and restrictions acts as a major cause of poor feedback.

Negative organizational climate: If internal operational environment, inter-personal relationship and social climate of organization are unfavorable to free and fair flows of communication, then the whole communication process will be affected. In such a situation, the normal flow of feedback will also be blocked.