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Cause of Drafting Complaint Letter Or, Occasions for Drafting Complaint Letter

In a simple way, the letter written by the customers to convey their complaints to the seller of goods or to the transport authority is termed as complaint letter. After placing orders, customers expect that sellers will deliver the products accordingly. If the seller fails to do so, customers write complaint letter. Such letter is usually written for the following reasons or causes:

  • Merchandise not received,
  • Part of the merchandise not received,
  • The merchandise received was not ordered,
  • Delivery of defective products,
  • Goods received in a damaged condition,
  • Quantity of good is not what was ordered,
  • Goods delivered to wrong address,
  • Delivery of goods is delayed,
  • Impoliteness of office staff of the seller,
  • Delivery of mix-up products,
  • Clerical or book keeping error,
  • Mistakes in the bill,
  • Charging high price,
  • Price included for goods returned,
  • Reminders for payment of hill already paid,
  • Poor quality of packaging,
  • Faulty insurance coverage,
  • Missing of products during transportation,
  • Carelessness of transportation authority,
  • Ignoring the provisions regarding brokerage, commission and discount etc.