QS Study

According to the sociology – economic status of any country co – operative society is very essential. It is very important to solve this regarding problem:

  1. To make long term plan for the favor of any developing country;
  2. To build wide and sound education system;
  3. Arranging the training program;
  4. To make public awareness wide publicity should be increased;
  5. Increasing government co – operation;
  6. Removal of corruption;
  7. Giving incentives to those who are related with the interest of the society;
  8. Proper co – ordination among the members;
  9. Removal of legal complexity;
  10. Increasing financial co — operation;
  11. Removal of bureaucratic complexity;
  12. Development of information technology.

In fine, it can be said all necessary efforts should be strengthened for the development of co – operative society. To be remembered through co – operative society the standard of life of a giant population is possible.