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Business Support Organization

The government and non-government organizations, which directly or indirectly help and support the commercial or industrial organizations engaged in the production and distribution of the commercial products and services are called business support .organizations. These play an important role in the expansion and development of the trade and commerce of the country. These organizations provide the necessary support in case of establishing factories and different commercial activities. They help by providing necessary directors in case of supply of raw materials and marketing products in foreign countries.

This as a result, ensures the simple and smooth direction of the industrial and commercial activities of the country and eventually brings speed in the development of the country. Like many different countries in the world many business support organizations have been developed. There are both Government and Non-Government business support organization in under-develop countries, like, Bangladesh, Laos, Afghanistan etc., though most of them are Non-government. All those have their impact in the development of business and trade in the country both explicit and implicit. These organizations help the business organization by performing commercial or non-commercial production, selling and service providing activities.

So, it can be said that the organization which by their various activities directly or indirectly support the Country’s business i.e., industrial and commercial organizations are called business support organizations.