Benefits of Social Audit

Benefits of Social Audit

Benefits of Social Audit

A social audit is a systematic study and evaluation of an organization’s. Social performance is distinguished by its economic performance. It is a concerned with possible influence quality of life, instead of the possible influence of the social quality of life. The social audit leads to a social performance report or social report for management and perhaps outsider also.

Social audit is a technique to understand, measure, verify, report on and to improve the social performance of the organization. There are some benefits like:

(a) Encourage for social performance: Social performance refers to any organizational activities that affect the general welfare of society. The idea of social performance emphasizes total needs of a whole community and the whole society.

(b) Considered as a desirable opinion: Through social audit organization’s measure social performance which eventually the most desirable opinion that will help to obtain the goals ultimately.

(c) Providing data for comparing effectiveness: It gathers information related production, distribution, and sales, purchases which help to compare one year with another and one organization with another.

(d) Cost data on social programs: The organization costs on social programs with gifts, corporate giving, religious support, and educational capacities and so on. Social audit measures it and calculates the performance of social responsibilities.

(e) Avoid conflict: The disagreement among management, owner, and employees will lead conflict in the organization. To avoid those conflicts organizations select the procedure to measure social performance known as social audit

(f) Extensive discount: Sometimes social audit discloses some necessary information of vast areas that help to justify the social performance of every individual of the organization.

(g) Information for effective response external claimants: Several external claimants like suppliers, community, labors, government use the information for the effective response.

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