QS Study

Balance in a Control System

The Monitoring and controlling process oversee all the tasks and metrics necessary to ensure that the approved and authorized project is within scope, on time, and on the budget so that the project can proceed with minimal risk. This process involves comparing actual performance with planned performance and taking corrective action to yield the desired outcome when significant differences exist. Monitoring and the Controlling process is continuously performed throughout the life of the project. Project managers typically have more time and techniques to break down activities to understand all the associated costs to derive a more accurate work activity cost and project budget. They can also solicit the use of resources from outside the organization to complete project activities if internal resources are simply not available.

Organizations that do not have project management capabilities will eventually struggle with the accomplishment of projects in defining project costs, preparation resources, and scheming project work activities. But this whole controlling process should be balanced. Because an imbalance control system can be the cause of the failure of the project. Over or understated performance variable cannot be fruitful in controlling. So there should have balance in the control system.