QS Study

“Asset make things possible people make thing happen”- Explain.

Both assets and people are important for the operations of any organization. Without any one of these, the operation can be done.

But asset are used for the transformation purpose, the other all of the tasks done by the human asset. People use the asset for the purpose of the organization. The tasks of Policy formulation, Policy execution, motivation to the employee, collection of resources, placement of assets, maintaining the equipment, etc. are only can be done by the people not by the assets. Assets are used for the final output processing purpose. But the other tasks including maintaining the assets are done by the people. They believe in themselves and their abilities, nothing is ever impossible to them. They have tremendous self-esteem and usually don’t need others to validate them or show them their greatness. Human beings can think, imagine, and feel. They have creative and innovative power. Human beings can be motivated and stimulated. Human beings have synergetic power.

So, from the above discussion we can say with the given statement that asset make things possible people make thing happen.