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Aspects that are considered in Technical Analysis

The technical analysis of a project idea includes designing the various processes, installing equipment, specifying material, and prototype testing. Technical aspects related to the production or generation of the project output in the form of goods and services from the inputs of the project. The project manager has to be careful in finalizing the technical aspects of the project as the decision is irreversible and the investments involved may be high. The project manager has to select the technology required in consultation with technical experts and consultants. It is a continuous process in the project appraisal system which determines the prerequisites for meaningful commissioning of the project.

The advocates of appropriate technology urge that the technology should be evaluated in terms of following questions:-

  1. Whether the technology utilizes local raw materials?
  2. Whether the technology utilizes local manpower?
  3. Whether the goods and services produce cater the basic needs?
  4. Whether the technology protects ecological balance?
  5. Whether the technology is harmonious with social and cultural conditions?