QS Study

Appeal and urgency letter: If the previous collection attempts have failed, sending an appeal and urgency letter is the next step. This stage clearly assumes that the customer is reluctant to pay the outstanding bills. Therefore, the seller strongly requests the customer to pay the bill. This letter is not rude but is stronger in tone. In this letter, a deadline of payment is mentioned. However, the seller can also seek the explanation for non-payment. If the customer is in real trouble, the seller can arrange an alternative payment schedule.

It is very common that unfair treatment has occurred for individuals in the workplace, schools/colleges and they need to write the appeal letter to rectify the situation. The main reason of writing appeal letter is giving correct and accurate facts about your case to the related authority so that you can avoid any kind of loss in your career. In the appeal letter, you have to induce the authority/reader about your current circumstances and reasons as well.