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Alternative Principles to Write Adjustment Letter

An Adjustment Letter is a written response to a claim letter sent by a customer by a business representative or manager. An adjustment letter is generally written after a client of the business makes a material claim. Every company adjusts the claims and complaints of the customers based on predetermined principles. The following are the alternative principles in this regard:

Customers are always right: Under this principle, a company accepts all the claims of the customer. This principle is adopted when a company thinks the customers will never complain if there is no genuine reason to complain. If the company follows this principle, all claims are granted. This policy is not always considered to be best as it encourage the greedy customers to make false complaints.

Fair clam, fair adjustment: This principle implies that only the genuine or valid claims will be accepted. In this case, false claims are denied.

Buyer beware: This policy implies that the buyer should be careful enough in buying and receiving the product. Product once sold, will never be returned. When a company follows this principle, it does not entertain any claim from the customer. This is regarded as the most un-business like policy.

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