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Advantages of empowerment for project teams: The adoption of such methods empowers the team (as well as its individual members) to take responsibility and to be accountable for delivering project objectives. An empowered team is comprised of members who take rights and feel more responsible for the success of the project, the tasks they are involved in and the outcomes they are producing both good and bad. In an empowered team, each teammate has a voice in group decisions.

Some advantages of empowerment for project teams are –

  • It harnesses the ability of the team members to manipulate tasks so that project objectives are met. The team is encouraged to find better ways to do things.
  • Professionals do not like being micromanaged. Participative management does not tell them how to work but, given a goal, allows them to design their own methods.
  • The team members know they are responsible and accountable for achieving the project deliverables.
  • There is a good chance that synergistic solutions will result from team interaction.
  • Team members get timely feedback on their performance.
  • Customer satisfaction can be improved because a team member doesn’t have to go through layers of approval. And, those empowered team members may get a confidence boost.
  • The PM is provided a tool for evaluating the team’s performance.
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