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Promotion means the employees present position to higher position. This may be the result of either a successful application for an advertised vacancy or, where appropriate, personal promotion. The purposes and advantages of promotions are to: recognize employee’s performance and commitment and motivate him towards better performance.

The advantage of seniority basis of promotion: Advantages of seniority basis of promotion are as follows –

  1. A fixed promotion policy may be started by the following seniority. A matured person is selected and he can realize present and future well.
  2. By adopting this process frustration never come into the employees.
  3. This process ascertains promotion and increases the stability’ of employees.
  4. This process reduces satisfaction and labor turnover among the employees.
  5. Employees accept this process easier as the process is very simple and there is no problem to understand its activities.
  6. There is a relation between duration and performance of the job.
  7. Employees become more loyal to the organization for seniority as the basis of promotion.

Disadvantages of seniority basis of promotion: Disadvantages of seniority basis of promotion are as follows –

  1. This promotion process does not honor capability.
  2. Capable and ambitions employees think the organization as a training center and they always hunt for a better chance.
  3. This process is unable to satisfy young, energetic, and skilled employees.
  4. It creates a bad reaction among meritorious employees.
  5. By this position, senior but incompetent persons sometimes are selected or elected for this higher position.
  6. This process does not evaluate new idea and innovativeness.