QS Study

Promotion means the employees present position to higher position. This may be the result of either a successful application for an advertised vacancy or, where appropriate, personal promotion. The purposes and advantages of promotions are to: recognize employee’s performance and commitment and motivate him towards better performance.

Advantages of promotion on the basis of merit: Advantages of promotion of the basis of merits are as follows –

  • It evaluates the creativity.
  • It creates a competitive environment among employees and they try to show their capability.
  • Innovative and creative employees get chance to perform according to their ideas.
  • This process is able to remove the traditionalism and conservatism.
  • By this process, meritorious, competent, energetic employees are rewarded.
  • Hard works are encouraged by this process.
  • Young but energetic employees are motivated and encouraged by this process.

Disadvantages of promotion on the basis of merit: Disadvantages of promotion on the basis of merit are as follows –

  • By this process of partiality, nepotism etc are increased in the organization.
  • Senior employees become frustrated during this process.
  • It is very difficult to find out meritorious and competent employees and also there is no standard to evaluate it.
  • This process does not deal with experience, obedience, and reliability.
  • Employees are discouraged and they get no reason to stay in the same organization for a long time.
  • This process increases the autocratic among the superior. They take a decision by their own self without evaluating the employees.