What is the meaning of ICBN?

ICBN is the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature or the principles of naming of different plants that are internationally accepted.

The principles of scientific name according to ICBN is-

  1. Every plant or animal should have a scientific name which has two parts genus & species.
  2. First part of the scientific name will indicate the generic name and second part will indicate the species name of a plant or animal.
  3. If it is written in typed letter it must be italicized.
  4. Scientific name must be written in Latin.
  5. If scientific name is hand written, genus and species must be underlined separately.
  6. First letter of the genus part will be of a capital letter for it is an adjective and the species part will begin with a small letter for it is a noun. Such as- Thea sinensis
  7. The person who will first introduce the scientific name of a plant, his name can be added after the scientific name. such as- Panthera leo Linn
  8. The first published name in the scientific journal must be accepted

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