QS Study

Characteristics of Spirogyra:

i) They are unbranched and plant body is composed of multicellular and tubular or rectangular cells

ii) The plant body is filamentous and they arc autophytic due to the presence of chlorophyll

iii) The cell wall is made of cellulose

iv) Vascular tissue is absent

v) Reproduction occurs through vegetative and asexual methods.

vi) Sexual reproduction occurs either by scalariform or by latera conjugation method

vii) Alternation of generation is clearly found in their life cycle. 

The habitat of Spirogyra:

i) They usually grow abundant in fresh water such as water tanks, ponds, estuaries etc

ii) In the adult stage, they usually live independently. After germination at the beginning stage, they usually remain attached to bricks, stones or aquatic plants.