Significance of Self-pollination

When pollen grains from the anther are transferred to the stigma of the same flower or a flower of the same plant is called self-pollination.

As this type of pollination takes place between two flowers having similar genotype, the genotype of the produced seeds remains unchanged. So the plants that produce from these seeds have got the character just like the mother plant. In this way the hereditary character remains similar i.e. it maintains the purity of species. This is most significant in self-pollination.


Merits of Self -pollination:

  • Pollination is ascertained.
  • Very few pollen grains are lost.
  • Maintains the purity of species.
  • Less dependent on external agent.

Demerits of self-pollination:

  • No new variety is produced as there is no combinations of new characters.
  • Produce weaker progeny with less vitality.
  • New progeny are borne with less adaptability.
  • The species may extinct in future.

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