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Rules for Natural Classification in terms of Taxonomy

  • Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species names are to be written one below the other in definite order.
  • Names of the step can be written either in English or in BangIa. But the Phylum name must be written in English, e.g. in the case of writing the classification of man. Man is a.n animal of the phylum Chordate. Here at the time of writing, the general name of the taxon can be written in English or in Bangla but the Phylum name chordata must be written in Roman alphabet never to be written in BangIa.
  • When writing in hands, in both the cases of plants and animals, the generic and specific names must be underlined individually. For example, in case of Man when writing in hand, Genus: Homo, Species: Homo sapiens. This can also be written as H.sapiens.
  • When printed Genus and species names are to be printed in italics. as: Genus: Homo and Species: Homo sapiens, H sapiens
  • Excepting the generic and species names, no other taxon should not be underlined.
  • For the name of the family of all animals, there should be an ending of four letters eidaet, such as Hominidae (family of human) Bufonidae (family of the toad).
  • In case of invertebrate animals, it is enough to write seven taxonomic categories in English, namely kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. But in case of the vertebrate animals like Man, Frog, Snake Fish etc. you are to write the taxon subphylum, under, the phylum chordata.
  • You must write in full the scientific or species name of an animal, such as the scientific name of toad: in print, you are to write Bufo melanostictus but while classifying species names can be printed both as B. melanostictus or Bufo melanostictus and in hand B. melanostictus. But it never can be printed melanosUctus or written melanostictus.
  • The scientific name is to be written in the combination of two parts. Of these two parts, the first one is the genus part of the scientific name and the other is the species part, e. g. scientific ,name of Toad is Bufo melanostictus. Here Bufo is the genus part and melanosticutus is the species part. This system of naming the animals was approved by the ICZN (International commission on Zoological Nomenclature) in 1961.

So, the process of scientific naming of organisms (plants and animals) with the combination of two words using the genus name first and species name thereafter is called Binomial Nomenclature.