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Permanent Tissue

Cells of permanent tissues are not competent of cell division, for which they are called Permanent tissue. It is a plant tissue that has accomplished its development and segregation and is typically unable of meristematic movement. They are originated from Meristamatic tissues. All tissues other than the Meristamatic ones are permanent tissues. Cells of permanent tissues are matured; suppose an exact shape, size and function. On the origin of constituents cell, permanent tissues are classified into three types: simple, complex and secretory or special tissues.

Characteristics of Permanent tissue:

  1. Cells of these tissues have no power of partition.
  2. Cells are well developed and appropriately shaped.
  3. Cell wall is moderately thick.
  4. Nucleus of the cells is larger and cytoplasm is intense.
  5. Generally there are vacuoles in the cell.
  6. There may have intercellular spaces in between cells.