QS Study

Plants absorb water through their entire surface – roots, stems and leaves. However, the majority of water is absorbed by root hairs.

i) The root system present in higher plants, in normal condition, acts as the organ for water absorption. The root hairs of tender roots take part in water absorption

ii) The rhizoid and that are present in lower plants are used as the organs for water absorption, such as- Moss plant.

iii) In aquatic plants, stems and leaves do the function for water absorption, such as- water lily.

iv) Parasitic plants absorb water from the hoist plants with the help of their sucking and aerial roots, such as- Dodder and Rasna.

v) In tall trees, active absorption plays a minor role. The main and efficient mechanism by which most of the rooted green plants absorb water is passive absorption.

Root does not play active role. Force responsible for absorption develops due to transpiration. No expenditure of energy for absorption, process. The passive absorption mechanism is carried out without utilization of metabolic energy.